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Le Loop - supporting the William Wates Memorial Trust

Le Loop follows the official route of the Tour de France, one week ahead of the professionals and finishes 21 stages later in Nice (due to the Olympics in Paris).

On Friday 21st June 2024 I, along with around 100 other riders, will gather in Florence for the 'Grand Depart'.  Some (the sensible ones) cycle a few days whereas I will attempt to ride the whole Tour de France route.

Every participant commits to raising money for the William Wates Memorial Trust (WWMT).  

All monies raised go directly to the William Wates Memorial Trust whose mission is to help the most disadvantaged young people keep away from a life of crime and violence and fulfil their potential.  

This is achieved by giving grants to charities that engage young people through the medium of sports, arts and education.

It's been a tough couple of years for charities and particularly for young people. This is my chance to give something back and help support young people who aren't lucky enough to enjoy the advantages in life that most of us take for granted.

Le Loop is no small undertaking. Riding even ONE stage of the Tour de France route is really tough - completing the whole thing will be a massive challenge! 

Please reward my pain by giving generously.


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Adrian Clewley


J. Allyson Stuart

Wishing you the best for such a good cause - you can do it!


Mike Bates

Good luck.


Don Brook

Phil, what fantastic adventure and a truly incredible effort, all for such an important charity. £10 per stage seems insufficient but I want it back for every stage you don't - hard school motivation! Seriously, Good Luck, Don



All 21! Rather you than me!


Darren Pocsik

Go get’em Phil!


Mark Steele


Jack Gidding


Alwyn Teh

Hi Phil, Wow! That's approximately 3,500 kilometers (around 2,200 miles) over a period of 21 stages! Go! Go! Go! Alwyn P.S. How are you? Hope you're well.


Hayley Bobrige

Absolute craziness for a great cause! Good luck!


Justin Scott

Totally brilliant and absolutely crazy - an amazing effort for a fabulous cause


John Mckeown

The very best of luck Phil! Even for a keen cyclist such as yourself this is an incredible undertaking! The training alone is a huge effort. I look forward to hearing how you get on. Good Luck, John.



Great challenge... I would have started with "Giro d'Italia" as a warm up :-)


Mark Ryall

I'm very jealous Phil. I'm in conversation about meeting Malcolm B for a ride over summer. I'll let you know on the off chance you want to say hello.


Malcolm Buckley

This is utterly bonkers Phil. At the same time I am slightly jealous!


Stephanie Hopper

Best of luck Phil, wishing you all the best. ☺️


Rohit Acharya

All the best Phil.


Oliviet Martin


Ixa2a Ltd


Emma Sawula


Claire Pilson

Good luck Phil!