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2023 - support the rescrub

Many readers will know about Le Loop which follows the official route of the Tour de France, one week ahead of the professionals and finishes 21 stages later in Paris, some 3,400kms later.

Riders commit to raising a sum for the William Wates Memorial Trust (WWMT). The money raised is entirely separate from the participation fee. WWMT helps disadvantaged young people to stay away from a life of crime and violence and encourages them to fulfil their potential. 

My experience of 2017 tells me that the ride will get rough. Please could you provide some performance enhancement by contributing towards my WWMT fundraising target. There's never an easy time to give so I simply ask that you do so now. If you can find it within yourself to double whatever number initially springs to mind, then more can be done to help young people who face grim situations. I can't offer much in return, but I will relay the dark comedy that lies ahead with those who are interested. 

Thanks in advance to any and all who he££p,


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Howard Jacobs



Best of luck - no better team to take this on!


Quintus Travis


Chris & Lizzie

Two words: chamois cream!


Nick Fothergill

Don’t forget your spare inner tubes…


Nandkishore Patel


Alexandra Gethin


Tim Wates

Q You are a proper glutton for punishment - I hope you especially enjoy the Alps …. I will enjoy your updates!! (Whilst stroking Corgis and sipping claret with my feet up)


Giles Mcclelland

Good effort, Quintus. Keep well Shamwari.


Peter Fraser

Remember- it IS a race….and drinking water will only slow you down!


Michael Guy

Lovely to hear from you. You’re always were bonkers.


Michael Holmes

Q - I quote below from a paragraph of your reports last time you did this, six years younger. Enough said - M "Over 1,000 miles have been ridden and yesterday alone saw 15,500 feet of climbing. Various body parts are failing. Clearly my mind failed first, as some of you advised me at the outset. I am forming the view that the TdF race is inhuman(e) and I cannot understand how people can race what feels like a miracle simply to complete. Conditions have continued to be unkind but better weather is forecast as we move to the Dordogne. ."


Tim Owen


James Witter

Allez Allez mon ami


John K

Good luck Q!


Cora Hawkins

Go Quintus!


Sarah Green

May the force be with you.


Peter Johnson

I feel sorry for the Frogs - I don't think they know what they're letting themselves in for....!


Andrew Clutterbuck


Matt Bennett

For an allegedly intelligent man, this seem perilously close to insanity.....good luck!


Nick Mansley

Good luck - wish I was doing it with you!


Michael Aubrey


Stephen Peel


Ames Family

No falling off, respect your age, post card from the highest point, SMILE! Awesome to even contemplate undertaking it. GOOD LUCK!


Rich Jackson

As Lance would say “LFG”


Nick Bliss

Bonne chance!!


Rosie, Peter, Nick & Lucy

Quintus. Lots of luck and much love from the Wolf family


Peter Cameron

Loved your posts from last time so looking forward to this year’s account of masochistic pleasure.


Peter Wienand

Good luck - impressive effort!


Adrian And Family


Adrian Travis


Charlotte Walliker