Tara Norton

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I'm taking on an epic cycling challenge: Le Loop.


I am participating in LE LOOP!  Le Loop follows the official route of the Tour de France, one week ahead of the professionals and finishes 21 stages later in Paris, some 3,400kms later on Sunday 17th July.

On Friday 24th June 2022 around 100 riders will gather in Copenhagen for the 'Grand Depart'. Some cycle a few days, some ride further. More will join us over the following 3 weeks of the tour.

All monies raised go towards the William Wates Memorial Trust whose mission is to help the most disadvantaged young people keep away from a life of crime and violence and fulfil their potential. This is achieved by giving grants to charities that engage young people through the medium of sports, arts and education.

It's been a tough couple of years for charities and particularly for young people. This is my chance to give something back and help support young people who aren't lucky enough to enjoy the advantages in life that most of us take for granted.

Le Loop is no small undertaking. Riding even ONE stage of the Tour de France route is going to hurt! Please reward my pain by giving generously.



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Andy Lin

Get the yellow jersey, Tara!


Marni Hamilton

Tara, I am looking forward to cheering you on as you conquer Le Loop!


Carmen Wageman


Castle Jandre

Way to go, Tara! Thank you for continuing to inspire us.


Christine Lundvall

What an amazing experience and, in one of the most beautiful countries!! Give ‘er!!


Belinda Bain

This is so spectacular, T!!! SO excited for you (and ok, more than a little jealous!) Have an epic adventure! xxoo B



This endeavor is fantastic! I wish you health and strength on your incredible journey. Go Tara!


The Urquharts

We’re right behind you! Not literally of course: that would be insane. Enjoy this epic challenge and well done for supporting a great charity.


Eleanor C.

What a great cause and an amazing event. Have fun!!


Joni & Rob Kwinter



GO GO COACH T! Bon courage. Tu continues de nous étonner et inspirer. Allez vite et prends soins. xoxoxo


Gayle Akler & Stuart Solway

Great initiative! Stuart and I have tremendous faith in you. Have fun!



Simply in awe! Thank you for always inspiring those around you! Allez et bonne chance!


Studio C - Personal Training

Go T!!


Christine Loch

Good Luck Tara! Enjoy the journey!


Lesley Coulson

We love the tour and have watched every minute for the last twenty years or so - we know what you are up against!


Lucia Mahoney

You are one awesome lady, good luck Tara!!


Bob Mina

Allez Tara!


Emma Jane

Thanks for helping me take care of my body back in the day. It’s been fab to watch your adventures ever since!


Richard Nelson

Have a great ride!


Rob Wright

Allez. Allez. Way to go!


Elise Bergamin

Allez, Allez, Allez; Ride like the wind, because tou can🥰


Brett Smith

Bon chance former neighbour!




Amy Hayes

Tear it up!!!


Jean Platt

All the best, TaraI


Andrea Smith

You’re so amazing Tara! What a cool adventure, have the best time and sending you all the endurance vibes!


Laura Horwitz

Good Luck🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️


Oly D

You are an inspiration T! xo