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Le Loop - supporting the William Wates Memorial Trust

Thank you for visiting my webpage!

I am fundraising for the William Wates Memorial Trust by attempting to ride the entire 2024 Tour de France route.

I pledge to climb +100 meters (+328 feet) of hills in 2024 for every 10 pound (12.8 USD), generously donated. 

This on top of the six Mt. Everest's-worth of climbing during the TdF event.

+100 passionate amateur bicycle enthusiasts will be pushing their limits attempting to ride 2024's TdF route while supported by UK-based non-profit Le Loop. 

21-day Distance / Elevation Gain Totals:
- 3,450 kilometers (2,160 miles)
- +53,100 meters (+174,200 feet)
- Roughly six Mt. Everests stacked on top of each other.

1) Default donation sizes are too large.  A reasonable donation should be roughly the cost of an espresso or a coffee.

2) 100% of the fundraising will go to WWMT. I am covering all other costs - event fees, travel costs, etc. 


1) I have an unsatiable wanderlust.
2) I like to pursue challenges that force personal growth and resiliency development.
3) Raise money for a good cause. The Le Loops event is run at cost to raise money for the William Wates Memorial Trust.

WWMT provides funding for charities that support disadvantaged UK youths through sport, arts, and educational programs.


1) Strava - Follow my progress

2) Instagram - Follow my progress
3) William Wates Memorial Trust / Le Loops

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Have a blast! Ride safe!


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Bon courage Aaron!! You're going to smash it my friend!!