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Cycling the 2023 Tour de France...

The title is not 'clickbait' - I really am cycling the 2023 Tour de France route....

What am I doing?

Le Loop follows the official route of the Tour de France, one week ahead of the professionals and finishes 21 stages later in Paris, some 3,400kms later.

Riders tackle one of a selection of "Loops" riding anything from 2, to all 21 stages of the Tour de France route. 

Maybe my mouse slipped, maybe I was in an overly confident mood, maybe you never know what you can truly achieve until you try - whatever the reason I am attempting to ride all 21 stages and 3,400km.

Why am I doing this?

There is a personal challenge aspect - how can I achieve something that, on the face of it, seems impossible? Can I be mentally and physically strong? Can I help and support others if needed and be part of a team?

Helping in general is a huge motivator. Every participant in Le Loop commits to raising a minimum amount for the William Wates Memorial Trust (WWMT). WWMT's mission is to help the most disadvantaged young people keep away from a life of crime and violence and fulfil their potential. This is achieved by providing grants and opportunities  through sport, arts and education.

It's been a tough couple of years for charities and particularly for young people. This is my chance to give something back and help support young people who aren't lucky enough to enjoy the advantages in life that most of us take for granted. 

Without doubt, Le Loop is the hardest thing I have ever undertaken or contemplated and so:

- If you are able to make a donation, please do so as generously as you can. 

- If you see me at the gym, pop over, have a chat or question my sanity

- If I fall asleep at work because I was training at 4am, give me a nudge please!

Importantly, 100% of all donations go to WWMT - the participation fee is paid directly by myself and completely separate to donations.

All donations no matter what size contribute to the fantastic work WWMT do, so thank you in advance for your support.

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Alex Probyn

Wow - all 21 Stages of Le Tour! What an amazing challenge on behalf of WWMT. GOOD LUCK! Alex and your Altus Group colleagues.


Jason C

Best of luck Andy, that's a serious challenge and a great cause


Tim, Jason And Cambridge Team

Great Charity and Fantastic challenge, Andy. Very best of luck from Tim, Jason and the Cambridge team.


Sarah Allan

All the best Andy- what a fabulous goal and trust to support as part of your efforts.


Steve Richmond

Is your laptop going to fit in your shopping basket on the front of your bike ?


Liam Griffin

If nothing else, enjoy. Good luck.


Monica Griffin

Take care and come back in one piece.


Dean Bosley

You have seen stages 13-15 & 17, it would take me 21 days just to do them! Good luck friend, incredible adventure ahead of you, plus you get to visit San Sebastián 🚴‍♂️


Mark Richardson


Mark Walker

OMG, Andy, what an amazing challenge and, hopefully, an experience you will remember forever. All the best of luck. Mark


Faye Welsby

What a fantastic challenge, and for a cause that too often gets overlooked. Good luck and sure the last 12 months will help with the mental challenge, the rest should be a breeze ;D


Darren Woods

Incredible challenge, incredible achievement Andy


Nick Wright

Very well done - what an achievement !!


Harrison & Jude

Go Daddy - You are amazing and we love you. Ride your bike fast!! XXX


Tony Taylor

A great effort Griff, all the very best, enjoy the ride.


William Taylor

Good luck Andy - I still can't believe you said 'All of them!' when I asked what stages you were doing. An epic challenge!



Try to keep up with the pace I know U have history of missing deadlines. Good luck and U R completely bongers.


Jane And Simon Relf

Wow Griff, Simon and I are in awe of your achievement. I bet Cyclone is a breeze now :)


Anthony Griffin



An immense challenge and a great cause. Good luck FTP!


Gart Knight

Good Luck, Andy. Inspirational Stuff!


Gordon Harris

Good luck Griff and please don't fall off. Go well flash


C T.

Good luck roomy , take care and see in October . CT


Gordon Chetwood


Philip Emerick

Good luck to Andy Griffin, it's a long way uphill!


David Burn

Good luck! Great cause.



Amazing effort, well done!


Nick P



Good luck 👍


Richard Storr

Best of luck Andy! Don't forget to enjoy the views at the summits to those epic climbs, you're not in a rush to get back down.



all the very best Andy, incredible challenge for a great cause!


Steve Plowman

You must be mad, but it is a great cause. Good luck



Hope you raise as much as possible for this wonderful quest, Andy. There's no time Toulouse!!


Andrew Penza

Good luck FTP 👏✊🏼👏👊🏻👏✊🏼👏👊🏻


Brian “snail” Waltham

Griff… Absolutely awesome challenge and for such a worthy cause. I know you have the courage and mindset to complete it but I totally admire you for what you will put yourself through. Best of luck, bud 👍


Alison Doyle

Big luck Andy!!


Julie Coates

Fabulous Andy...go for it! Not likely to see you in the gym, but will definitely give you a wake up call at work! :)


Oliver Hamblin

What an achievement, Andy! Best of luck


Ben Porter

Best of luck Andy, what a feat.


Pete Waterman

Just keep pedalling. Try and focus on how fit you will be for golf tour. Serious respect for signing up to the challenge.


Frederic Bouvard

This is a huge challenge! Wish you to be successful !


Allen Jones

Good luck Andy


Mark Jackson

Good luck Andy, I’m sure you smash it.


Ben Williams

Best of luck Griff. Those squash matches will stand you in good stead!



Unreal work for a great cause FTP 🫡 ⛰️


Guy Fowke

Best of luck!


Daniel Garner

Best of Luck !!


Lewis Slater

Best of Luck Andy go and smash it!


Rachel Mann

Amazing challenge and an amazing cause. We'll be willing you on every pedal push of the way! Best of luck Andy x


Jacqueline Aronwich

Good Luck Andy!!!


Kelly Dyke


Nicola Mcandrew

Good luck FTP xx


Justin Saunders

Great cause, bonkers challenge, good luck Andy


George Lomax


Michelle Woodward

Well done Andy, wonderful charity



Good Luck Andy


Rachel Chris

Good luck Griff I know you’ve got this 💪🏻 Rach Chris & kids