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1/2 Tour de France

Le Loop follows the official route of the Tour de France, one week ahead of the professionals and finishes 21 stages later in Nice (due to the Olympics in Paris).

On Friday 21st June 2024 around 100 riders will gather in Florence for the 'Grand Depart'. More will join us over the following 3 weeks of the tour.

Every participant commits to raising a minimum amount for the William Wates Memorial Trust (WWMT). The fundraised money is entirely separate from the participation fee - donations do not pay for my Tour

All monies raised go directly to the William Wates Memorial Trust whose mission is to help the most disadvantaged young people keep away from a life of crime and violence and fulfil their potential. This is achieved by giving grants to charities that engage young people through the medium of sports, arts and education.

I will ride 10 stages from Aurillac to Nice from 3 to 14 July or over 1600km including 6 mountain stages.

Le Loop is no small undertaking. Riding even ONE stage of the Tour de France route is going to hurt! Please reward my pain by giving generously.


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Laurent Mauriès


Benoît C.

Bon courage et amuse toi bien


Francois Lanel



Go LoLo!! Bonne chance et bon courage !!


Gearóid O'shea

Good luck, Lo!!


Sebastien Queste

All the best for this challenge Lo! It will certainly be tough, but fun :-). And for a good cause... bravo!



Bon courage!


Roselyne Mauries



You're a legend!!!


Ruth Collar


Laurent Mauriès



Go, Laurent, Go!



C'est toi le plus fort Lo !



Enjoy the experience!


Linda Kent

Good luck Laurent xx


Chezzie Bergman

Good luck Laurent, stay safe. Chezzie



Channel your inner Laurent Papačar! You got this ❤️❤️


Kate Mauries


Olivier Faivre


Kathrin B.


Paloma Mauriès

Proud of you ❤️


Aster Schurink


Amaia Mauries

Happy Birthday Papa ❤️😝💪



Te voilà toi aussi contaminé par la fièvre d'Eric ;-).. Bon courage !!



Go champion !




Sebastian Harder