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I'm attempting my toughest physical challenge to date by riding 9 consecutive Tour de France stages in order to raise money for those who are in need. Please help me with this worthwhile endeavour

The William Wates Memorial Trust was established to honour the life of William Wates (1977-1996), who unfortunately passed away while travelling in Central America.

In William's memory, the Trust’s mission is to assist the most vulnerable young people to avoid a life of crime and violence and achieving their full potential.

This is made possible by supporting charities that engage young people through the mediums of sports, arts, and education.

Fundraising challenges such as the one I am taking part in again ‘Le Loop’ helps to raise money for the Trust allowing them to continue their good work.

Le Loop offers the opportunity for amateur cyclists like me to ride the Tour de France race each year, one week ahead of the pros. You can opt to cycle anything from 2 to all 21 stages. Each cyclist is given a fundraising target they need to achieve before the event.

Le Loop is no small undertaking. Riding even ONE stage of the Tour de France route hurts, last year I rode four stages and that really hurt but you all helped me to raise £3,150, TREBLING my fundraising target – THANK YOU.

This year I have opted to ride the first 9 back-to-back stages of the Tour de France covering 1650Km and that is really going to Bl@@dy hurt!!

Please sponsor me and help me achieve my fundraising target.  

No matter how much you contribute every penny will all go directly to the William Wates Trust.

The fundraised money is entirely separate from the participation fee - donations do not pay for my Tour, travel, food, or lodgings.


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