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Here's the scoop - I'm riding Le Loop!!

What is it?

Le Loop follows the official route of the Tour de France, one week ahead of the professionals and finishes 21 stages - and some 3,400kms -  later in Paris.

Riders tackle one of a selection of "Loops" riding anything from 2 to all 21 stages of the Tour de France route - I'll be doing the latter!

Why do it?

Ego, mostly, but also to experience some of the best road cycling Europe had to offer while raising funds for the very worthwhile William Wates Memorial Trust (WWMT). The fundraised money is entirely separate from the participation fee - donations do not pay for my Tour

All monies raised go directly to the William Wates Memorial Trust whose mission is to help the most disadvantaged young people keep away from a life of crime and violence and fulfil their potential. This is achieved by giving grants to charities that engage young people through the medium of sports, arts and education.

When is it?

24th June - 16th July 2023. Plenty of time to turn this Sunday cyclist into a finely tuned mountain machine, no?

How can you help?

Le Loop is no small undertaking. Riding even one stage of the Tour de France route is going to hurt (it's true - I still have PTSD from cycling up Alpe D'Huez in 2011!). 

Please reward my pain/stupidity by giving generously! 

As a thank you, I will post updates of my training followed by many pictures of odd sunburn lines and blisters while on tour - pain shared is pain halved!!



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Burrator Loop x3

Thursday 2nd Mar

Back in the game!

Thursday 2nd Mar
Hi all.

Thank you for visiting my WWMT fundraising page - dig deep now!!

I'm delighted - and relieved - to say that, after a winter of back-to-back illnesses, I am out on my bike again! With any luck, it won't take me long to get back to the fitness level I was at in December so I can continue building speed and endurance in the last few months of training.

I'm off to Snowdonia in a couple of weeks so stay tuned for pics of some spectacular scenery - and general suffering!!

Thanks again!

Thank you to my Sponsors




Rose Danaher

Work bonus!




Mary Danaher

Allez! Allez!


Nathan Sims

Half from me and half from my Dad. Good luck.


Janet Scarratt

Good luck!


Daniel Danaher

Good luck Rose. You have James to thank for this donation as was due to go to him but he has said to send it your way!


James Danaher

Good luck Rose! I look forward to riding in your slipstream. For as long as I can keep up at least!


Andrew & Karen Wolfle

Allez Allez Allez. Enjoy.


William Paterson

How courageous Rose , fantastic countryside and good food , no wine now!


Daniel Danaher

Good luck Rose!


David & Ross

Just keep on rolling, Rose and hope you manage to enjoy the ride🚴🚴🏻‍♀️



Wow. You Danahers never fail to amaze me.


Jo Cotton

I hope you've got a squishy bike seat pad Rosie and James! Amazingly proud of what you are both doing. You're using electric bikes aren't you? haha!! X x x


Matt Cotton


Helen Wilson

Bon courage Rose!


Andy And Charlotte Collins

Good luck and keep strong. Go you ! Lots of love


Rose Danaher


Alison Cotton

Cycle like the wind, Rosie Posie! Proud of you xx



Good Luck with the ride! Hope the bum cheeks fair well and you have lots of padding!



What a fantastic cause! We hope you'll have an incredible journey and look forward to hearing all about your adventures!!


Tom Randles

Very cool 😎


Susie & Merv Rice

AllezAllez Rose!!!


Jenny & Scully

Go Rose!!! Amazing cycling so far - looking forward to following your the rest of the epic journey!


Nell Dear

Allez allez!


Chris Wolfle

Good luck Rose. Inspirational and mad all at the same time


Mel Roberts

You’re an inspiration Rose!!


Robin Berry

Nice one Rosie, good luck.


Harry Lynch


Zoe Stokes

Onya Danaher!


Marcia King

Good luck Rose! Amazing effort! X


Annie Gerrell

Go Rose!!


David Murray


Diane Flower

Well done Rose! AMAZING!!


The Berry’s

Good luck, Rose! You’ll smash it!!


Penelope Edwards

Keep peddling Rose! Doing a fab job xx



Good luck Rose! This is an amazing challenge- great work!


Rachel Mclaren

So SO amazing! Good luck!!



Incredible Rose - we'll be thinking of you and supporting you!!


Sonia Monaghan

Good luck Rose, so proud of you! Xx



Wishing you all the very best Rose - You'll smash it! Cat and Ian xxx


Mart Needham

Good luck Rose!